America- Dear California, by Vanessa Carlton.

 My favorite line from it is. 'Your face is like a paper cut to the heart…..' I-It’s just I like the line it is very nice uh…yes v-very nice…and sweet….^/////^

Prussia- Well, this song reminds me of you… Genius next door, by Regina Spektor.

The line is 'getting high and mumbling German fables.' Tr-Trust me it is a good song the getting high part is interesting and kind of sad if you listen to whole song….it’s not demeaning Germans/Prussians I swear…’>_>….


s-sorry but mun is obsessed with these songs….so they have grown on me. Mun told me to tell you to listen to these songs..

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Liudvika "Aušra" Lanka

Labas. I am Liudvika. Some know me as "Aušra", or female Lithuania. I hope we can be friends and that you ask me questions, I will try my best to be answering them correctly....
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