I have broken about 70 hetalians, hearts and all///

iT WAS YOU!!!!!//

((Ouch it hurts bro why ))

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My friends ecosquash lighttravelsfar

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Imagine Aph Poland dying and freaking out but Lithuania calms him down by humming to him,holding him and stroking his hair,whispering that everything was going to be okay in his ear. because he couldn’t save him so the least he could do was stay by his side till death and help him pass away calmly, but cries afterwards from loosing him.

nonnonnononononno wat have you done//

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Reblog if your muse has scars.


the great thing about the hetalia fandom is that you can never out grow the characters, they will always be older than you

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Send “What’s this?” And I will generate a number to see what item your muse has found in mine’s belongings.


Mix of nsfw, angst, and fluff. Numbers 1-15

Click here for an online random number generator.

  1. Sex toy
  2. Teddy bear
  3. My muse’s old baby blankie
  4. Old photographs showing my muse was abused when younger.
  5. Playboy pictures
  6. My muses’ old family portrait.
  7. A love letter my muse meant to send yours, but never did
  8. A condom
  9. A weapon
  10. Lubricant
  11. Paddle
  12. Stolen gems
  13. Chains and whips
  14. Flowers with your muses name on the tag
  15. Handcuffs
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Labas. I am Torii, or female Lithuania. I hope we can be friends and that you ask me questions, I will try my best to be answering them correctly....
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